People in the Pace Lab


Current Lab Members

Alice Besterman, Ph.D. Student

Alice completed her B.S. in Environmental Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is broadly interested in community and ecosystem ecology, particularly in coastal habitats. Alice works out of the VCR LTER studying various impacts of the non-native macroalgae, Gracilaria vermiculophylla. She is interested in how non-trophic interactions between Gracilaria and other organisms on intertidal mudflats lead to ecosystem level changes in pathogen loads, predator foraging, and microbenthic algae production.[Click here for Alice’s UVA EnviSci department profile, here for her personal website, email:]


Cal Buelo, Ph.D. Student

Cal received a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in Biology and Mathematics. After graduating he worked for the Pace as a research technician studying early warnings of ecological regime shifts in freshwater systems in Virginia and Michigan. He is interested in topics related to aquatic ecosystem services, especially algal blooms.[Click here for Cal’s profile, email:]




Lab Alumni

Jessica Gephart, Ph.D. Student, 2016

Grace Wilkinson, Ph.D. Student, 2015

Kyle Emery, M.S. Student, 2015

David Seekell, Ph.D. Student, 2014

Kelly Hondula, M.S. Student, 2012

James Coloso, M.S. Student, 2010