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Our lab focuses on ecosystem ecology with an emphasis on food webs and biogeochemistry. We work in a variety of environments including the Northern Highland Lake District of Wisconsin/Michigan, reservoirs in Central Virginia, and coastal lagoons on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. We are currently conducting research on leading indicators of regime shifts, harmful algal blooms, effects of invasive species, and a variety of other topics. Our research is united by questions about the structure and function of aquatic ecosystems and the causes and consequences of changes in these systems.

firefoxNote to Prospective Students

Please explore this web site to get a sense of the research we conduct.  There are opportunities for graduate and undergraduate research in the lab dependent on grant funding.  The Department of Environmental Sciences web page (link below) has information on the M.S. and Ph.D. programs and degree requirements.  The departmental program is interdisciplinary covering ecosystem science and the physical sciences of the environment (hydrology, geosciences, and atmospheric science).  Students gain a broad exposure as well as strong training in the research area of their choice.  Graduate students are supported by teaching and research assistantships as well as fellowships.  I only advise a few graduate students at any time.  In some years I do not accept students while in other years I accept one or two students.  Contact information is given here.

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